2024 Summer Reading Program Kickoff

Adventure begins at your library
Date & Time(s)

Parkesburg Free Library

Parkesburg Free Library 2024 Summer Reading Program

Dates: June 10 through August 16, 2024

Part 1: Earning Beads for Your Bracelet or Backpack Hanger

Read every day that you can for 30 minutes. Each 30 minutes is worth 1 bead of your choice. Being read to counts! You will receive a cable to put the beads on for your bracelet or backpack hanger. Bring your reading tracker log to the library to check in and collect your bead to put on the cable. When you fill the cable, drop in for another one! The cables can be joined together to make a necklace.

Part 2: Earn a Patch - Patch Power Activity Cards

Select the Patch Card that you want to earn and complete any 3 activities listed on the card. Bring your card to the library to receive your earned patch. The patches also fit on your cable bracelet/backpack hanger! Then choose your next card to work on another patch!

***Good News: Completing a Patch Card earns both a Patch and a Bead!

***MORE Good News: Each time you bring in your reading tracker to be stamped and/or your completed Patch Card, you will receive a free raffle ticket for a monthly prize!

Sign up at the circulation desk today!